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    Wheeled Extinguisher
    Dry powder Fire Extinguisher
    Wall-mounted Fire Extinguishing Equipment
    Network Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
    Tank Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
    AlkylD-type Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
    Automatic Vehicle Fire extinguisher System
    Automatic Powder Extinguisher Series II
    Automatice Powder Extinguisher Series III
    Automatic Powder Extinguisher Series I
    Automatic Dry Powder Extinguisher
    Industrial Fire Suppression System
    Vehicle Extinguishing Equipment
    Flue Extinguishing Equipment
    AlkylD-type Extinguishing Agent
    Hang Extinguishing Equipment
    ABC Ultra Fine Dry Chemical Extinguishing Agent
    A portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


    MFZL series of portable dry powder fire extinguishers, GB4351 its technical performance in line with the requirements of the standard hand-held fire extinguishers. Operation and maintenance a simple, small size, does not account for living space.
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